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    React devs – calm down. The world isn’t ending.


    Next JS app directory

    The vocal minority are losing their heads again. And they’re as loud as ever. Guys, just because server components are a thing now, and we have a shiny new directory (the app directory) we can use in Next JS, it doesn’t automatically mean that the pages directory is now redundant. The whole world will not collapse because you’re using client components instead of server components.

    Calm down. Take a deep breath.

    I aim this rant towards all the rude comments I’ve seen on issues for open source packages that don’t yet support the Next JS app directory and / or server components. While 99.99% of my students are polite and respectful, I also aim this rant at those who are downright rude and disrespectful.

    Those of us who’ve been in the web development game long enough know that this cycle happens once every couple of years. Usually when some new framework comes along that changes everything. Or a new version of your favourite framework changes the way things are done.

    Who are the vocal minority?

    I’m convinced it’s the beginners in their web development journey that are the vocal minority of complainers towards content creators, or package maintainers. They seriously need to learn how to respect the guys and gals who’ve been in the game for decades. And so my next questions go out to this rude, vocal, minority. Do you know how much effort it takes to create a YouTube tutorial? Or create a course? Or maintain an open source package for FREE? All in the pursuit of helping the community, or trying to better the web development experience. However small that contribution may be. Nope. Because you’ve not done any of those things. Instead of trying to offer your resources to package maintainers, or putting out your own tutorials, you bitch and moan at these people because they haven’t catered to your needs.

    Guess what. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Boo hoo. Have some humility, and be an asset to the community rather than a hinderance.

    Positives about the Next.js app directory

    On a positive note, I’ve seen an equal amount of comments on github issues for open source packages where devs actively want to contribute their time and resources to make these packages compatible with the Next JS app directory. To those people, THANK YOU for your time and efforts. While it may not seem like it due to the vocal minority – there’s thousands if not hundreds of thousands of devs who are incredibly grateful to you for the time and work you’re putting in. Often without any recognition.